The London Stock Exchange is at the heart of where ideas meet capital and become reality.

Whether you’re a business seeking greater horizons, a government with an ambitious sustainability agenda, or a pension fund seeking returns for your client, we provide the flexibility to make the connections you need and create real impact.

We offer our customers extensive access to capital markets and liquidity across multiple asset classes. We operate a broad range of international equity, fixed income, exchange-traded funds/exchange-traded products, and foreign exchange markets. London Stock Exchange is home to several capital formation and execution venues – London Stock Exchange, AIM, and Turquoise.

We make things happen, out there in the real world, where it matters. What we stand for

Truly global

We are the world’s most international exchange, providing the foundations that convene global capital for all businesses and investors, providing the trading infrastructure at the heart of the world economy to facilitate constant investment globally.

Market access

With diverse markets, we provide access to scalable capital for dynamic start-ups, established firms and everyone in between. Our trading members access one of the world’s deepest and most diverse pools of investment capital.

Value creation

The activity that takes place on London Stock Exchange fuels more opportunity around the world, creating tangible progress in the real economy. From medical breakthroughs to technological innovation, we’re at the heart of meaningful progress across the world.

Sustainable growth

We are a pioneer when it comes to sustainable economic infrastructure. As custodians of global capital flows, we ensure our markets, products and services encourage the adoption of sustainable growth and act as a force for good.

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