Risk to reward
the expected return on a trade per unit of risk.
Risk-Reward Ratio is a ratio used to compare expected returns against the amount of risk taken.

Risk-Reward Ratio
Risk to reward is a ratio that quantifies the risk versus the reward of a trade.
the risk-reward ratio for the trade is 2:1 means we’re risking $1.00 to make $2.00.
the risk is the difference between the entry level and stop loss
the reward is the distance from entry point to take profit level

Trades should offer reward twice or 3 times the risk at least

Trade Size (volume) per signal
The risk on a single trade should be less than 5 percent of the total balance. depending on the amount of your balance

with more balance use less percent maybe 1%

for example

sell from 162
TP@ 140
SL @ 173

sell from 1980
TP@ 1880
SL @ 2030
we risk 1$ to make 2$

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